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Kristofer Hansson is born 1972 an have been hunting geese since 1991. He have been a professional goose hunter for over 10 years. He is organising goose hunts in the very best regions in South of Sweden. The areas in South Sweden are well known as the very best goose hunting areas in the world. And Kristofer Hansson have the best areas. His hunts goes under the name of Goose Hunting Sweden. You are welcome to take contact with him under the contact info on this page. You can also enjoy some results of the hunts and see the results that are possible as we don not have any BAG LIMITS in Sweden!!! We combine the geese hunts with pigeon hunt in the early season aug-sept and duck hunts okt-dec. Feel free for price listing and booking for season 2015.

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We ended season 2014 with a nice hunt the 29/12-14. In a couple of hours we had 210 geese in the bag. The hunt took place on Kristofer Hanssons farm.


Todays photos, 24/11-13, on a couple of different fields, promise a couple of good days this week when we are going to hunt.

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The 2013 October hunts went well with happy hunters and good bags. Next week the will have a new hunt and the canada geese have started to fill the fields.

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The early season 2013 started very good with a group that shot 262 geese in a couple of days. More storys from the season 2013 will follow here. So look out!!

Kristofer Hansson ALL IMAGES 2013