Gear we use

We use 4 wd trucks and trailers for field transport, most Toyota Hilux. For field transport under harsh condition in the terrain, we use Polaris Big Boss 800cc with unique 6 wd but also ordinary 4 wd ATVīs. We use lay out blinds with natural concealment and the latest in camouflage clothes. The decoys is the latest on the market with high quality so we could trick even the oldest and most shy leader geese in the flocks. Sillo Socks, Green Head Gear is some brands we use. We use various calls to call in geese from far distant suck as Foilīs, Zink Calls and Buck Gardner calls.




We always try to use natural concealment. On the picture we have put straw on Green Head Gearīs Ground Force, with that combination we fool the shyest geese. Other layout blinds we use is Averyīs Power Blind and Wildfowler.

IMG 8072

Grean Head Gearīs Power hunter in action on a sugar beat field.


We dig pits and put some seed so the soil is covered with winter wheat when it is time to hunt.

3G3W9343 - Kopia

It is also good to dig pits in the sugar beat fileds. You always shoot better from a pit compared to the layout blinds. But we can not dig pits in all our fields and therefore we are forced to use layout blinds. Not all farmers like holes in there fields. 




I have over 1000 decoys and use around 100-200 on a hunt. We use the latest decoys such as Green Head Gears FFD Elite full flocked full bodys. 

EA9F0746 (1)

Big Foot is another very good decoy that I use and we could trick shy late season geese with them. On the picture you see a couple of geese landing in a middle of a group of Big Foot decoys.


In 2013 I started to import Sillosocks from USA. The Sillosocks is very good to ad some movement in the decoy spread. This attract the geese.It is easy to bring out large number of them in the field.

3G3W9085 - Kopia

With the goose flag we could attract geese from far distant.


Higdons Flapper is another advaced decoy that ad movement to the spread.


I have personally a large number of goose calls that I use to call in the geese. Different call for each geese. All of my guides are good goose caller. 


If you do not have a greylag call, it is easy to tune a canada goose call to sound like a greylag. On the picture you see a Buck Gardnerīs Canada Hammer. Just move the guts some millimiters on the sound board.


We uses Polaris 6 wheled ATV:s for heay field transport under harsh conditions in the field.


For transport on roads and under good conditions in the field we uses mainly Toyota Hiluxes 4wd trucks.


In our locals we have a shooting simulator to try out and practice to shoot from a layout blind. 

Đ Kristofer Hansson ALL IMAGES 2013