OG6N0027 - Kopia 2

Kristofer Hansson - Running the company and have been hunting geese since nearly 30 years.


Here is me to the right at my farm when I started my goose hunting career 1990.


Conny Persson - Conny are shooting thousands of wild bird by himself each year. He have a record as a good shooter while he have been competitioned in double trap in the olympic game in Sydney. Conny have been hunting geese with Kristofer for the last 20 years.

John Robertson - Is coming from USA and have been hunting geese over there since childhoud. He is a fantastic goose caller with his flute.


Mikael ”Terrier” Andreasson - A very good geese hunter with focus on the shy grey lag geese. When he doesn´t hunt geese he hunts wild boar with his very good wild boar dogs. 

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